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Area 3 Senior Services Agency - Southwest Idaho Area Agency on Aging

Serving Ada, Adams, Boise, Canyon, Elmore, Gem, Owyhee, Payette, Valley and Washington counties.

Programs and Services Available

Information & Assistance Case Management
Home Delivered Meals Congregate Meals
Respite Homemaker
Adult Protection Ombudsman
Transportation Outreach

Information & Assistance

A Senior Services Specialist helps bring people and services together. Information and Assistance provides current information on services available in the communities, links people to opportunities that are available, and provides follow-up to ensure people receive the services needed.

  • Easy access to services from a single source of information
  • Refer individuals to private and non-profit organizations
  • Provide a list of local resource information

Case Management

Case Management provides services to older individuals, disabled adults and their families to assist them to access or coordinate services to keep older individuals in their home.

Activities include:

  • Assessing needs (including the physical, psychological, and social needs of the individual)
  • Developing service plans (such as hospital discharge plans)
  • Coordination and monitoring service delivery (including coordination and monitoring to ensure that services specified in the plan are being provided)
  • Providing follow-up and reassessment

Home Delivered Meals

The Home Delivered Meals program provides at least one home delivered meal per day to homebound seniors and their spouses. The meals may consist of hot, cold, frozen, dried, canned, fresh, or supplemental foods, five or more days a week.

Who Qualifies?

  • 60 years or older and their spouses, regardless of spouses age
  • Disabled person living in the home of person 60 years or older
  • Person is unable to participate in the Congregate Meal program or prepare a meal at home due to frailty

Congregate Meals

Congregate meals are prepared and served in a congregate setting providing older persons 60 or over a well-balanced diet, including nutrition counseling, education, and other nutrition services.

Who Qualifies?

  • 60 years or older and their spouses
  • Disabled person living in the home of person 60 years or older


Respite encourages and supports the efforts of caregivers to maintain functionally or cognitively impaired persons at home.

  • Provide brief period of relief to caregivers
  • Restore mental and physical well-being of the caregiver
  • Companionship and socialization for care recipient


  • The care recipient shall have physical or cognitive impairments to the extent twenty-four hour care or supervision is required
  • A caregiver 60 years of age or older residing with an eligible care recipient who is under 60 years of age
  • A caregiver under 60 years of age residing with an eligible care recipient aged 60 years or older


Homemaker services provide assistance to eligible older individuals to compensate for functional or cognitive limitations.

Assistance with:

  • Light housework and meal preparation
  • Managing money
  • Shopping
  • Medication Management
  • Restrictions with bathing and washing hair

Adult Protection

Adult Protection provides for the safety and protection of vulnerable adults and disabled adults that are, or are suspected to be, victims of abuse, neglect, self-neglect or exploitation by:

  • Receiving reports of abuse, neglect, self-neglect or exploitation;
  • Investigating allegations and conducting an assessment; and
  • Offering referral to and arranging for provision of emergency or supportive services to reduce or eliminate risk of harm.

What is a Vulnerable Adult?

A person eighteen (18) years of age or older who is unable to protect him/herself from abuse, neglect or exploitation due to physical or mental impairment which affects the person's judgment or behavior to the extent that they lack sufficient understanding or capacity to make or communicate or implement decisions regarding their person.

What is Abuse?

The intentional or negligent infliction of physical pain, injury or mental injury.

What is Exploitation?

Any action which may include, but is not limited to, the unjust or improper use of a vulnerable adult's financial power of attorney, funds, property, or resources by another person for profit or advantage.

What is Neglect?

Failure of a caregiver to provide food, clothing, shelter or medical care reasonably necessary to sustain the life and health of a vulnerable adult.

What is Self-Neglect?

Failure of a vulnerable adult to provide food, clothing, shelter or medical care reasonably necessary to sustain their own life and health.


The Ombudsman is a person who helps protect the health, safety, welfare, and rights of long-term care residents 60 years or older. This service is confidential and free. The Ombudsmanís main responsibility is to help residents in long term care facilities maintain or improve their quality of life by helping ensure their rights are not violated. The ombudsman's role includes advocate, mediator, educator, problem solver, investigator, and negotiator. The Ombudsman investigates complaints made by or on behalf of residents. Services can include but are not limited to assistance with the following:

  • Resident Rights
  • Facility Care Issues
  • Quality of Life
  • Problems with outside agencies, systems or people


Transportation services are designed to transfer persons 60 years of age and over to and from social services, medical and health care services, meals programs, places of employment, senior centers, shopping, civic functions, adult day care facilities, and recreation locations. Service is to be available to those who have no other means of transportation or who are unable to use existing transportation. Preference is given to older minorities and those with limited economic resources. Personal assistance for those with limited physical mobility is provided.


Outreach is for the purpose of identifying older individuals, disabled adults and their families to provide education about and encourage use of existing services and benefits.

  • Identify and prioritize older individuals who have the greatest economic and social need
  • Inform individuals of qualifying benefits
  • Assist with enrollment in available programs

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