Zero-Based Regulations Rule Review – IDAPA 15.01.02 Adult Protective Services

The draft redline rules are being presented for authorization as part of the Idaho Commission on Aging’s plan to review each rule under Executive Order 2020-01, Zero-Based Regulation. The Commission seeks to prevent the accumulation of costly, ineffective, and outdated regulations and reduce regulatory burden to achieve a more efficient operation of government. The rule changes are intended to perform a comprehensive review of this chapter by collaborating with the public to streamline or simplify language. The Idaho Commission on Aging intends to carefully consider all changes presented by the public and may propose certain changes so long as they are consistent with the rules’ statutory authority and the Governor’s Executive Order.  The public may provide comment to the ICOA through 10/26/2022.  Please send all comments to ICOA@aging.idaho.govPlease see the document here.    In addition, ICOA will update and review Adult Protective Services Statute.  If you would like to provide input, please review the document here.