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Successful people never quit learning. Caregivers deserve reliable and helpful information. When you take one of our FREE self-paced courses you will gain tips and skills that increase your abilities and confidence.

News & Events
  • Diabetes Awareness Month

    Understand, Identify, Manage

    Visit our diabetes page frequently throughout the year
    Review our Diabetes Awareness Month page in November
    Take a free diabetes self-management workshop

    National Diabetes Awareness Month provides an opportunity for the public to better understand what diabetes is, its signs and symptoms, common methods of treatment and how to assist those we know to better manage their condition so they can stay healthy and age successfully. Whether you have diabetes yourself, know someone who does or are just a concerned community member who cares, take a few minutes in November to familiarize yourself with a few more diabetes facts so you can be prepared to better manage your own diabetes or assist those who live with it.


  • National Impaired Driving Prevention Month


    String of colorful Christmas lights
    December is National impaired Driving Prevention Month which includes “buzzed”, intoxicated, drunk and drugged driving. All are considered driving under the influence and all are illegal in Idaho. Visit our driving page for information, statistics, stories, videos and ways to prevent the tremendous loss of life we experience each year from people driving while impaired.

  • Christmas Day (Closed)

    December 25, 2020