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Successful people never quit learning. Caregivers deserve reliable and helpful information. When you take one of our FREE self-paced courses you will gain tips and skills that increase your abilities and confidence.

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  • Looking for FREE online Dementia Skills Training?

    Improve your connection to and care for people with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia

    Learn practical knowledge and access tools and resources to help people living with dementia enjoy moments of human connection, beauty, and personal satisfaction.

    Many forms of dementia are classified as disorders or diseases, but there aren’t treatments that will cure or stop the disease. So, the world of physicians and medication may not be the answer for dementia.

    Instead the goal is to maintain the highest quality of life, to focus on capabilities, and maintain connections to interests, nature and people. This free online Dementia Skills Training provided by the Idaho Commission on Aging can enhance your skills and make you a more confident caregiver. Through a series of brief training modules caregivers learn practical knowledge and use of tools to improve communication and understanding with people experiencing the middle stages of dementia.

    Learn more about feeling satisfaction with your skills and connection in your relationship to a person with dementia. Access free online Dementia Skills training here!