Are YOU a Caregiver?

If you help another person accomplish their “Activities of Daily Living” like bathing, dressing, or using the toilet, or help them with activities such as shopping, cooking, or cleaning, YOU are a caregiver. Luckily most of us are very skilled with many of these tasks. However caregivers are also being asked to help with more complicated tasks like medications, wound and diabetic care.

Family caregivers often feel stressed about performing these tasks and worry about making mistakes. The Home Alone AllianceSM is dedicated to creating solutions geared towards supporting family caregivers performing these complex tasks.

Our skill modules use videos from the Home Alone Alliance, along with the best materials we could find from around the world to help caregivers feel confident and increase their skills. Most Videos and Tip sheets are available in Spanish on the Home Alone AllianceSM website.

Caregivers are special people who allow older and disabled Idahoans to continue to live in their own homes and communities.

Course Pages

Caregiver Skills: Mobility

Caregiver Skills: Special Diets

Caregiver Skills: Wound Care

Caregiver Skills: Incontinence

Caregiver Skills: Managing Medications

Caregiver Skills:  Specialized Medical Equipment