Enhance your ability to make informed decisions

With the amount of social media and news that exist today, it can be a struggle to find reliable and accurate information. As we age, we are faced with new challenges and knowing where to turn for assistance might not be clear.

Some of the questions we might have are:

  • What do I need to know to become a caregiver for a parent or family member?
  • What kind of assistive technologies are available to help someone stay in their home?
  • Who to contact to address complaints in an assisted living or nursing facility?
  • Where to go to report abuse, neglect or exploitation of a vulnerable adult?

Whatever the challenges are there is a reliable and trustworthy network available to assist. To help answer these questions, below, we can find links to services and supports that are specific to Staying Informed, and to the right are Quick Tips that are updated periodically.

Quick Tips

Empowering older adults & persons with disabilities to make informed choices about long-term care services & supports

Ensuring Idahoans are aware of resources & are knowledgeable about the aging process

Ensures access to reliable resources through assessment, referral & follow-up


The Idaho Assistive Device Website is the source to find Used Equipment Services

Guiding successful service delivery to assist Idahoans to age successfully