Maximize your ability to engage in & enjoy life

Maintaining our health and controlling our medical conditions are extremely important as we age. This not only influences our ability to stay at home and stay safe but influences caregivers who assist us with daily living needs.

As we assess our own healthcare needs or that of a family member, here are some questions to consider:

  • Am I able to bathe, shower or dress myself?
  • Prepare meals and eat by myself?
  • Walk, lift, and move?
  • Maintain personal hygiene?
  • Manage chronic pain?

If you answered “no” to any of these, there is a reliable network of agencies and organizations that specialize in helping seniors maintain and manage their health care needs. The backbone to this network is the Area Agencies on Aging who provide us with reliable information, resources and services.

Additionally, below, we can find links to services and supports that are specific to Staying Healthy, and to the right are Quick Tips that are updated periodically.


Offering socialization, & healthy meals for Idaho seniors

Extending health-related information & activities to build wellness into aging

Providing critical periods of rest for caregivers

Building systems to support the knowledge & skills necessary dementia care & support

Helping Idahoans connect to reduce loneliness

Health Tips for Seniors: Preventative care visits qualify for Medicare coverage