About Us

The Idaho Commission on Aging (ICOA) was created in 1968 and receives funding from both the Federal and State governments. Services are prioritized to help those most at-risk, based on various factors.

The ICOA assists older adults and people with disabilities to remain independent, avoid institutionalization and age in place in their own homes and communities of choice.

Mission: To lead system creation and network coordination to support Idahoans as they age.

Vision: For Idahoans to have an informative, visible, reliable and easily accessible support system as they age.


  • Consumer Focus – responsive, self-determination
  • Best Business Decision – cost effective, sustainable
  • Integrity – transparency, courage, accountability
  • Continual Improvement – proactive, evidence based
  • Teamwork and Partnerships – advocacy, optimism
  • Respect – culturally appropriate, voice and choice

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Support Older Idahoans to live independent and healthy lives in the communities of their choice.

Goal 2: Promote safety, self-determination and dignity for seniors and vulnerable adults.

Goal 3: Champion an effective and efficient community-based aging service network.

We can use the area map below to find the nearest provider or referral agency.

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Aging Education Gateway

Learn Now! Learn how to age successfully by engaging in ICOA’s free, self-paced interactive learning. These quick, information-packed e-learning topics provide the knowledge, skills & support you need to age successfully. Click to view content from our website. If you want proof of completion, visit our Aging Education Gateway! It provides full curriculum courses and advanced topics.