Manage Your Health

February is Heart health mOnth!

Disease Prevention & Health Promotion programs focus on keeping us healthy and engaged. They empower us to choose healthy behaviors and make changes that reduce the risk of chronic conditions.

If we or someone we know has a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, or cancer, there are workshops available that can provide us with the tools to:

  • Build our own support network
  • Learn relaxation and strategies to deal with pain, fatigue, and frustration
  • Discover how healthy eating can improve your condition
  • Create an exercise program that works for you
  • Understand new treatment choices
  • Communicate effectively with our doctors and families about our health

Additionally, we can use the area map below to find the nearest provider to us. Also to the right, “Quick Tips” and “Resources” are available to better assist us with finding reliable information and supports.

Quick Tips`

When you’re ready, find a location near you:
    • Vaccine Finder – Closest locations based on your  vaccine brand and walk-in or  appointment preferences
    • Mobile Vaccination Clinics – Map shows current locations   & schedule
    • Via text – Text your zipcode to 438829 (GETVAX)
    • En español, envíe un mensaje de texto con su código postal al  822862 (VACUNA) – las ubicaciones más cercanas se envían por  mensaje de texto
    • Via phone – (800) 232-0233
  • Tip Sheet: Heartdisease_TipSheet_28DaysToAHealthierHeart

New! Understand, identify, and prevent/reduce depression that many elders experience

ICOA offers dementia skills training and information for caregivers to cope with this condition

Learn facts and find resources for this common condition in elders

Learn techniques to cope with this potentially debilitating condition

Type I and type II diabetes are conditions that can be well managed…if you know  how

Falls are the #1 cause of elder ER visits and death. Take action to prevent them!

Hearing loss occurs with age, but it doesn’t have to be debilitating

A condition that effects many older adults but is not well understood

Advanced directives and end-of-life  planninghelp people age well and reduce stress in families

A good night’s sleep means much more than feeling rested

We all experience stress, good and bad, but how we deal with it is what matters, especially in older adults

Learn the contributing factors and find useful resources

Most people experience changes in vision as they age

  • Behavioral Health
  • Brain Health
  • Continence and Agin
  • Oral Health
  • Opioids and Addiction in Older Adults

Learn tto make simple choices to increase heart health