Supporting Family Caregivers

If we need help meeting the demands of caring for a family member or friend  there is available assistance at a local Area Agency on Aging (AAA).  They will provide practical caregiving information and help us locate the following services and resources:

  • Locate caregiver training
  • Take a needed break from caregiving (Respite)
  • Get assistance understanding the long-term care system
  • Make short and long-term plans that suit our unique situation
  • Participate in a local support group and gain access to the knowledge of experienced group members
  • Find helpful resources such as in-home meals or an emergency response devices

We can use the area map below to find the nearest provider to us. Also to the right, “Quick Tips” and “Resources” are available to better assist us with finding reliable information and supports.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers Classes, an evidence-based program, in your area.  Learn to:

Reduce personal stress

Use community services

Deal with emotions–anger, guilt and depression

Communicate feelings and needs

Make tough caregiving decisions

Powerful Tools for Caregivers host agencies

National Family Caregiver Alliance

CICOA Aging and In-Home Solutions, a social service agency in Central Indiana, provides six videos in English and Spanish for caregivers everywhere CICOA Caregiver Videos including Workbook

Family Caregiver Guide


Find Nearby Services

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Stay Educated

Successful people never quit learning. Caregivers deserve reliable and helpful information. When you take one of our FREE self-paced courses you will gain tips and skills that increase your abilities and confidence.