The Idaho Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) program helps us prevent, detect and report health care fraud. The program relies on volunteers in our local communities to provide education and one-to-one counseling to help us protect our identity and identify other types of Medicare fraud:

  • Double-billing and overcharging
  • Unnecessary or inappropriate services

Additionally, there are education opportunities (Scam Jams) for consumers and the public to learn about other types of fraud:

  • Mail and telemarketing scams
  • Financial exploitation and identity theft
  • Computer and solicitation scams

We can use the area map below to find the nearest provider to us. Also to the right, “Quick Tips” and “Resources” are available to better assist us with finding reliable information and supports.

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Volunteer and become an SMP Team Member! For information on the Idaho SMP and how to join, click here. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator nearest to you for more information.

*IMPORTANT: BEWARE OF COVID-19 SCAMS! Take the appropriate steps to ensure that you or a loved one does not fall victim to COVID-19 scams. Be on the lookout for signs of COVID-19 scams and take appropriate action to ensure you have safeguards against COVID-19 scammers.

For additional information, please visit the SMP National Resource Center website:

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