Focus on LIVING with Dementia

Many forms of dementia are classified as disorders or diseases, but there aren’t  treatments that will cure or stop the disease. So, the world of physicians and medication are not the answer for dementia. Instead the goal is to maintain the highest quality of life, to focus on capabilities, and maintain connections to interests, nature and people. We call this a Habilitative (Living) approach instead of a Medical approach.

The goal of the Dementia Skills training is to give caregivers of all types the practical knowledge and tools to help people living with dementia enjoy moments of human connection, beauty, and personal satisfaction. Every person with dementia is unique. This training focuses on how people in the middle stages of dementia experience their world.

The series consists of 11 learning modules. They focus on foundational skills and should be completed in order and as a group. It is best if all the modules are completed within 60-90 days.

If you need proof of Course Completion, download this Course Skills Check-off Sheet , and ask your supervisor or educator to sign off as appropriate.