PREVENT Distressing Behaviors Through a Positive Physical Approach

Feeling safe and secure is a basic need. When we interact with people living with dementia in a way that scares them, distressing behaviors are triggered, energy is wasted, and quality of life goes down for everyone.

This module and course materials teaches a fundamental skill called the Positive Physical Approach. This skill is recommended by experts in the field including the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) and  the Veterans Administration (VA). The motto of this skill is “Spend 5 to save 20“. It may feel like you don’t have time for the positive approach, but the investment is worth it. Every Time.

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Module Materials

Course Module Four : Click HERE

Video: Why the Positive Approach Matters , 1:10

Video: Teepa Snow Training , 8:02

Video: VA Full Training , 26:04