Advocating for Seniors

The Idaho Commission on Aging advocates for all seniors to remain independent, avoid institutionalization, and live without abuse, neglect or exploitation.  To help identify our needs, here are a few questions that we should ask ourselves as we age:

  • How can we maintain our physical well-being?
  • What is financial security?
  • What services and supports are available?
  • How can we protect our dignity?

The answers to these questions might be unique to our situation, but the key is to start asking them, so we will be better prepared in the future or are able to address existing needs right now.

To assist us with our future planning or current needs, we can contact the local Area Agency on Aging.  Below are links to services and supports and to the right are Tips that are updated periodically with additional information and resources.

Protect Vulnerable Adults from Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

Advocating for long-term care residents

Assistance with income, healthcare, long-term care, nutrition, housing, protective services, defense of guardianship, abuse or neglect, and age discrimination