Be the BRIDGE from Distress to Contentment

People living with dementia will have times they become anxious and confused. This module and course materials will teach you the 3R technique or how to Repeat, Reframe, and Redirect the person with dementia from an upsetting moment, to one of connection.

In order to use the skill, you must understand the person with dementia as a unique individual. People with dementia often mentally retreat to a time that holds meaning for them. In order to acknowledge and validate what the person with dementia is experiencing in their world, you need a lot of information. Asking a close family member to complete a Life Story form is critical. Knowing the life story of the person will help you Reframe and Redirect using meaningful information. Once you find a 3R that works well, write it down and share it with others! The good news is it should work well over and over again.

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Module Materials

Course Module Six : Click HERE

Video: Learning not to Argue , 5:09

Video: Why We Repeat (acknowledgement) , 1:20

Video: Why The 3 R tool Matters , 2:22

Video: Prevention Planning , 4:23