Behavior is Communication About Unmet Needs

The job of new parents is to figure out what their baby’s cries mean, so the parents can meet their needs. The job of caregivers of people living with dementia is to figure out what their behavior is communicating, and meet the person’s needs. Unlike babies, people with dementia have the full range of adult needs.

This module and course materials will introduce caregivers to a tool called D.I.C.E that can be used to analyze behavior and understand what needs are not being met. D.I.C.E is easy to learn but takes practice to become a skilled behavior communicator.

Many dementia experts have made their own tools to become better behavior detectives. These other tools are available in the toolbox. Whichever tool you use the important step is to practice , so you can accurately understand what unmet needs drive certain behaviors.

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Module Materials

Course Module Three : Click HERE

Video: Recognizing Pain in People with Dementia, 5:00