Be a Friend not a Boss

All human beings have common needs. We need food ,clothing and shelter to survive. We need positive social interactions, feelings of accomplishment, and contentment to thrive.

People living with dementia have changes in their brains that make meeting their needs harder, but not impossible. This module and course materials will start your learning on how to help people with dementia thrive in spite of their brain challenges.

This will require us to give up the need to criticize, correct, and control. Instead our role shifts to being a dementia friend who supports.

When you finish the Module Materials, Toolbox, and Resources, please click HERE to complete a 5 question evaluation. Thank you.

Module Materials

Course Module One : Click HERE

Video: Understanding Maslow’s Pyramid, 2:25

Video: Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s , 2:55

Video: What is Dementia, 2:18

Video: What is Alzheimer’s Disease , 4:05

Video: What is Vascular Dementia, 2:04

Video: What is Lewy Body Dementia, 2:45

Video: What is Frontotemporal Dementia, 2:50