Helping Shouldn't Hurt

In Module one we learned that every person living with dementia is unique, but share some similar needs. This is also true for caregivers. Each one has unique circumstances, resources and challenges, but together they share many of the same needs.

The most important shared need is a plan to make sure they stay healthy. This means a doable plan to deal with the very real stress of being a care partner with someone who is living with dementia.

After you have completed this Dementia skills series, consider brushing up on any care skills by completing our Caregiver Skills education series, our Healthy Caregiving Series, and our Caregiver page of the website.

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Module Materials

Course Module 10 : Click HERE

Video: What is a Caregiver , 4:48

Video: Caregiver Stress , 4:09 note: for the services described at the end of video ,contact your local Area Agency on Aging.

Video: Caregiver Guilt , 6:01

Video: The Driving Decision , 5:08

Video: The Nursing Home Decision , 6:39