Planning and Structure Brings Success

Environments and routines matter to all of us. It is hard to relax in a cluttered,crowded or loud environment. On the flip side we  look forward to our routines like a cup of coffee in the morning, or a warm bubble bath at night. People living with dementia are even more sensitive to their environments, and more dependent on their daily routines.

This module will teach you ways to modify environments to  increase safety and promote success. It will also give you ideas to maximize function for the person with dementia.

Like the skills taught in the first six modules, investing time up front will lead to happier and more successful days for both the person living with dementia, and their caregivers and friends.

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Module Materials

Course Module Seven : Click HERE

Video: RECAPS Introduction , 3:31

Video: RECAPS Training, 11:13

Video: RECAPS in Action for Facility Staff , 11:16

Video: RECAPS in Action for Caregivers , 6:21

Video: Making my Home Dementia Friendly , 3:43

Video: Modifying Environment for Success , 2:40