The Unthinkable Can Happen

This module may be hard for many of us to view. People with dementia are extremely vulnerable to being abuse, neglected or exploited. As Friends to people living with dementia, it is a privilege to help protect and ensure justice for them.

As caregivers we must pledge to understand the warning signs that we are in the Red Zone of becoming potential abusers.

As citizens we must understand our obligation to reporting abuse to the proper authorities. Mandatory reporters can report abuse online HERE

Visit the Stay Safe page at the ICOA website to see all of our abuse prevention programs.

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Module Materials

Course Module 11 : Click HERE

NOTE: for the services described at the end of the video call your local Area Agency on Aging.

Video: Elder Abuse be Part of the Solution , 3:07 ,

NOTE: the phone number provided does not work in Idaho. Call your local Area Agency on Aging to report suspected abuse.

Video: Elder Abuse –  Break the Silence ,  6:12,

Video: Family Member Theft , 4:17

Video: Caregiver Theft , 4:30