Bathing without a battle is Possible

Personal care is Personal. We have been taught to keep our private parts Private. It is natural for people living with dementia to react when people they may not recognize want to touch their private parts and give them personal care. This is why personal care often triggers a stress response.

Fortunately there are ways to help avoid triggering the response. The first is to use our positive physical approach and friendly communication. In addition there are also ways to set up the environment to promote independence and predictability, and ways to simplify the task itself to make it easier.

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Module Materials

Course Module 8 : Click HERE

Video: Medication Issues, 5:00

Video: Caregiver Tips , 6:31

Video: Teepa Snow demonstrates Dressing, 5:52

Video: Teepa Snow on Bathing , 4:07

Video: Teepa Snow on Tooth Brushing , 2:15

Video: Teepa Snow on Late stage Feeding , 6:11