Boise has a phenomenal number of restaurants and styles of cuisine to choose from. We can’t possibly cover them all here, so please use your favorite search engine or review app to find the most current Boise bites!


You might consider some local specialties that are close to JUMP and downtown:

The Basque Market  (608 W Grove St, Boise, ID 83702, )is a Boise tradition and offers a variety of tapas and other goodies.

The Warehouse Food Hall (370 S. 8th St Boise, ID 83702)houses more than a dozen independently owned food establishments. Choose from a variety of local eateries from toasted cheese sandwiches to BBQ to bakery delights. . You can stroll through and decide what sounds best!

BoDo (a combo of Boise and Downtown) combines old-town Boise with a new-town style and offers numerous restaurants as well as a cinema, retail, art, and more. The general boundaries of BoDo are from 9th St to Capitol Blvd and Myrtle St to Front St.

Craft beer and breweries experienced a boom over the past decade and there are many good ones to choose from  in the Boise area! If you are interested in some local brews, here is a listing of those near the downtown area. Otherwise you can do a search or use your favorite rating app and find those that offer good dining at the same time.