Using Energy to THRIVE

Every morning we wake up with all of the energy we will have for the day. Negative things that happen during the day uses more energy than positive ones. How we approach people living with dementia is usually what makes the difference between negative and positive interactions. Every negative interaction needlessly uses up energy.

If most interactions are negative, over time the person with dementia can enter a state of chronic stress with very little quality of life. This module and course materials will help caregivers understand what happens inside a person living with dementia when they feel unsafe or threatened, and how this stress needlessly uses up energy that could have been used for meeting higher quality needs.

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Module Materials

Course Module Two : Click HERE

Video: The Fight Flight or Freeze Response , 3:04

Video: There is more to a Person than Dementia , 2:25 ( Referenced in the video is Bletchley Park – where top secret work was carried out to decipher the military (Enigma) codes used by Germany and its allies. The code breakers saved thousands of lives and shortened the war by years)

Video: The Bookcase Story , 5:13 (The video references a “hob” which is the burner on a stove. A “row” is a fight)

Video: Enter Barbara’s World , 13:22