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The Idaho Commission on Aging strives to be your one-stop shop for finding the resources and services you need. Generally, the best access to local resources can be found through your local Area Agency on aging (AAA). If you have other questions about the programs and services ICOA oversees, please identify the team member most closely related to your needs and we will be happy to assist you!

Board of Commissioners

Area 2, North Central Idaho

Dennis Ohrtman profile imageDennis OhrtmanCommissioner


Dixie Milliken profile imageDixie MillikenCommissioner

Area 4, South Central Idaho

Roger Morley profile imageRoger MorleyCommissioner (Chair)

Area 6, Eastern Idaho

Dean Nielson profile imageDean NielsonCommissioner

Area 5, Southeast Idaho

Debra Reiland profile imageDebra ReilandCommissioner

Area 3, Southwest Idaho

Lennie Elfering profile imageLennie ElferingCommissioner (Vice-Chair)

Area 1, North Idaho

Chris Magera profile imageChris MageraCommissioner


Project Manager

Vicki Yanzuk profile imageVicki YanzukProject Manager

Financial Technician

Jenny Hill profile imageJenny HillFinancial Technician

Senior Financial Specialist

Joe Zaher profile imageJoe ZaherSenior Financial Specialist


Judy Bicknell Taylor profile imageJudy Bicknell TaylorAdministrator

Administrative Services Manager

Bettina Briscoe profile imageBettina BriscoeAdministrative Services Manager

Technical Records Specialist I

Susan Bradley profile imageSusan BradleyTechnical Records Specialist I
Stay At Home icon
Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers
Senior Community Service Employment Program
Admir Selimovic
Program Specialist
Commodity Supplemental Food Program
Home Delivered Meals
Birgit Luebeck
Program Specialist
Case Management
Erin Olsen
Program Specialist
Consumer Direction
Janet Miller
Program Planning and Development Specialist
Dementia Capable
Life span Respite
National Family Caregiver Support Program
Lynn Fyanes
Program Specialist
Call the Stay At Home Team: (208) 334-3833
Stay Safe icon
Senior Medicare Patrol (Fraud Prevention)
Admir Selimovic
Program Specialist
Adult Protection
Legal Assistance
Deedra Hunt
Program Specialist
Fanny Rodriguez-Melnikovsky
Idaho Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Call the Stay Safe Team: (208) 334-3833
Stay Healthy icon
Congregate Meals
Birgit Luebeck
Program Specialist
Disease Prevention & Health Promotions
Erin Olsen
Program Specialist
Reducing Loneliness
Janet Miller
Program Planning and Development Specialist
Dementia Capable
Life span Respite
Lynn Fyanes
Program Specialist
Call the Stay Healthy Team: (208) 334-3833
Stay Informed icon
Education & Outreach
David Brandt
Education & Outreach Specialist
Information & Assistance
Scott Carpenter
Project Coordinator
Call the Stay Informed Team: (208) 334-3833