Stay Informed: Why Falls Matter and how to Prevent Them

A seminar for consumers that identifies what a fall is and why a person should be concerned about them. Factors that contribute to increased falls risk, and most importantly, how to reduce those risks are discussed.

Tuesday, 9/5/2023, 2 PM – 3:30 PM MDT (90 minutes)

Expert panelists: Dr. Caitlyn Kinahan, Kaitlyn Gaines, DPT

Register: Via Zoom

Stay Safe: Recognize & Remove Trip Hazards at Home

This seminar takes participants on a virtual tour through their home to identify what might present a trip, slip, or fall risk. Strategies to remove those hazards are provided along with resources if a person does not have the skills or resources to remove them on their own.

Tuesday, 9/12/2023, 11 AM – 12 PM MDT (60 minutes)

Facilitators: Erin A. Olsen, FPC-ID and James Clovis, Habitat for Humanity

Register: Via Zoom