Problem, Challenge, or Opportunity?

Caregiving is hard work. It can also be fulfilling, exhausting, gratifying, and challenging. Participating in education and support can help put tools in your caregiver toolbox, but doesn’t often CHANGE your circumstances.

Besides signing up for all the help you qualify for, many circumstances can’t be changed. The only thing can change is our own attitude about the challenges we face. We can stop creating stress for ourselves through bad habits or faulty thinking. We can create plans for when things get even harder than normal, we can even ask for help.

Working through this module and course materials will give you tools to change your response even when you can’t change the challenge in your caregiving situation.

This series of modules were originally created under a grant to provide education for Adult protective Services workers, but apply to anyone in a helping relationship.

When you finish the Module Materials, Toolbox, and Resources, please click HERE to complete a 3 question evaluation. Thank you.

Module Materials

Module One: Controlling Stress

Video: How to ask for Help, 3 min

Review Materials: Main Points