Stay Informed: Falls Risk Assessment as a Matter of Practice

This seminar is designed for healthcare students and practicing professionals. The prevalence of falls and fall-related injuries that can be reduced when addressed as part of primary prevention are reviewed. Simple risk assessments that can be done during a clinic or in-home visit are discussed. Resources an at-risk person can be referred to for treatment and education to prevent falls are provided. The goal is to encourage clinicians to integrate falls risk assessment and appropriate interventions into their everyday practice.

Wednesday, 9/20/2023, noon – 1 PM MDT

Held in cooperation with the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) and the Internal Medicine Student Association

Expert presenters: Dr. Rodney Bates (ICOM), Tobie Strong (St. Luke’s), Erin A. Olsen (ICOA)

Offered in person for ICOM students. Provided via Zoom for others.

Register: Via Zoom

Stay Informed: Why Falls Matter and how to Prevent Them

A seminar for consumers that identifies what a fall is and why a person should be concerned about them. Factors that contribute to increased falls risk, and most importantly, how to reduce those risks are discussed.

Tuesday, 9/5/2023, 2 PM – 3:30 PM MDT (90 minutes)

Expert panelists: Dr. Caitlyn Kinahan, Kaitlyn Gaines, DPT

Register: Via Zoom

Stay Healthy: Simple Steps to Improve Balance & Prevent Falls

In this seminar, simple, at-home exercises are demonstrated, both standing and sitting, that allow a person to gain strength, balance, and flexibility, the combination of which is the key to preventing falls.

Tuesday, 9/19/2023, 10 AM – 11 AM MDT (60 minutes)

Expert facilitators: Michelle Butterfield, Fit & Fall Proof ® coordinator and Kate Wilson, LPN

Register: Via Zoom

Stay Safe: Recognize & Remove Trip Hazards at Home

This seminar takes participants on a virtual tour through their home to identify what might present a trip, slip, or fall risk. Strategies to remove those hazards are provided along with resources if a person does not have the skills or resources to remove them on their own.

Tuesday, 9/12/2023, 11 AM – 12 PM MDT (60 minutes)

Facilitators: Erin A. Olsen, FPC-ID and James Clovis, Habitat for Humanity

Register: Via Zoom