Idaho is known for her committed and numerous volunteers. The End Loneliness Campaign supports volunteers, professionals, elected officials, and concerned citizens to end loneliness in our state. This campaign is modeled after the End Loneliness UK campaign that has had decades of success in multiple countries around the world.

Ending Loneliness will require action on multiple fronts.

Strengthening Community-level enablers

Ensuring local access to transportation and communication technology

Preventing chronic loneliness for older and disabled Idahoans

Identifying the loneliest Idahoans

Serving them in a way that is meaningful


This is not a small undertaking, but together we can make a difference.

Join the Campaign and increase your knowledge about loneliness by taking our six module course, browse the tools and resources, and reach out to your local Area Agency on Aging to get involved.

Course Contents

A Spanish language option can be chosen on the first slide of each module.

Module One: Let’s Understand Loneliness, 6:00

Module Two: Let’s Talk About Loneliness, 4:05

Module Three: Let’s Reduce Loneliness, 8:47

Module Four: Let’s Communicate Well, 8:12

Module Five: Let’s be Professional, 4:47

Module Six: Let’s take Care of Ourselves, 4:11

Video: Loneliness is Killing Us, 10:29 minutes

Video: Sympathy vs. Empathy, 2:32

Video: An Example of a Committed Volunteer, 6:47 minutes

Video: Benefits of Volunteering, 3:10 minutes