Promoting Safety, Quality, and Effectivness through Standardised Education

Thank you for your willingness to deliver Adult Protective Services for the State of Idaho. The Idaho Commission on Aging is strongly committed to advocating for and facilitating Elder and Vulnerable Adult  justice.

This foundational education series utilizes NAPSA Core standards and APS role functions for it’s structure. It also utilized the MASTER best practice training content as a starting point, with Idaho appropriate edits to the content. For the supplemental materials found in the tool box, our search for best practices uncovered materials from other states and countries, and  materials specific to groups like Veterans or people with specific health conditions. This approach aligns with the Quality Improvement mantra “Find out who is the best in the world at doing something, then copy it.”

To comply with International copyright law, we are providing this to you unedited. There are instances when details discussed in the content vary in Idaho or your location. If you have questions about an inconsistency, please ask your supervisor. Your supervisor should also provide you with a printed binder of the supplemental materials.


Course Modules

Module 1 : APS Overview

Module 2 : Navigating Idaho Code

Module 3 : Values and Ethics

Module 4 : Cultural Humility

Module 5 : Interviewing Skills

Module 6 : Understanding Defense Mechanisms

Module 7 : Intake Process

Module 8 : Initial Investigation

Module 9 : Safety Overview

Module 10 : Controlling Stress

Module 11 : Preventing Burnout

Module 12 : Promoting Hardiness

Module 13 : Time Management